We believe in solar energy because we believe a cleaner future is necessary for our children. Already, we can see the problems that using fossil fuels and other exhaustible energies can bring. As it stands now, we are running out of fossil fuels at an alarming rate. The price of petrol increases regularly with almost no reprieve. Eskom struggles daily to fix old stations while spending hundreds of millions on coal and oil to supply South Africa with electricity. As South Africans, we have come to accept load shedding as a part of life. It does not have to be though. The sun is ready to be harnessed for energy by all in a clean and inexpensive manner.

Not only is photovoltaic energy clean and inexpensive, but it is long lasting. A panel could work up to 40 years. Also, if you use solar power and produce more than you use, you simply feed back to the national grid and receive credit from the Government. This is where the savings really take effect.